Independent Web Site Review of offers only payday loans and the first thing I noticed on the site was that the first approved loan with was free! (As long as it is paid back on time.)

The very simple and user-friendly website offers an opportunity to apply online or call the toll-free number. The box on the left asserts, "Approval in Minutes" and "No Fax Required"

When I went to apply, I noticed that wanted all of the usual personal, employment, and pay period information, but one thing caught my eye - under "E-mail" (a required field), it was written, "No yahoo or hotmail account". Also as I filled out the application, I noticed that my computer's IP address had been logged as to "assist in preventing fraud." Another point of interest is that "will be deemed to have taken place in our office in Costa Rica, regardless of where you may be viewing or accessing this site".

As mentioned before, offers the first loan free, but additional loans are $25 per $100 borrowed. This is about $10 above the average and maybe should be looked at carefully before choosing this service.

All in all, navigation and using the site were easy and user friendly.