1st Choice Money Center Customer Review

  • Brianna, totally inept

    5+ years

    Brianna in their collections dept is a mouthly, unprofessional person. She is not willing to work with you at all. I was in the hospital and my payment was late. she would not work with me to resolve the past due payments and was very rude, unprofessional and is so lacking in people skills. I had heard from previous employees that she is in a position that she is not qualified for at all. When I tried explaining my situation to her, she was like a robot, just kept repeating "your payment is past due, your payment is past due". They let go of an employee who totally made their 3300 South location a pleasure to do business with, whose customers loved her and yet they keep this immature, obnoxious Brianna. Once I have them, I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THAT COMPANY AGAIN.

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3.5 Service
3.1 cost
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