1st Choice Money Center Customer Review

  • Manuel Contreras is awesome!

    Jonathon Davis
    Salt Lake City

    Manuel goes over everything in detail before approving an amount on a loan and tells you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it without sending you on a run around and expecting everything to be okay once you go in the door even though they didn't ask what was on the point system again to verify that I would be approved they sent an email saying I would by they I mean this girl named April from the Provo, Utah store. When I actually went in and talked to Manuel he is very honest and upfront with you which is all I could ask for. You should not have employees that work for you that are being dishonest to your customers and promising one thing without going over everything on the point system to verify that what they promised is actually correct and even Manuel agrees with that. Manuel stated that he has tried several times to explain these things to other employees in the past but it certainly seems to me that you guys continue to hire bottom of the and that Manuel is going to much better places than that company in the future. Corporate greed at the top once again ruling America good for you guys. What president (*Corporation) are we going to vote on in the next election?

    1 Service
    1 Cost
    1 Timing
    3 Use Again

1st Choice Money Center Ratings

3.5 Service
3.1 cost
3.9 timing
3.6 use again