1st Choice Money Center Customer Review

  • The worst

    Provo, UT

    The only thing that was good about this company is that the loan was easy and fast to get. I have regretted taking it since I got it. I only did because I had to. I missed one payment and told them I would be late making the payment, after that they kept trying to charge me for the late payment + late fee + new payment. I had to stop making any payments because I couldn't afford to pay them $200/month. I made payment arrangements with their collections department and now they're garnishing my paychecks because the arrangement that I made(and they couldn't get right anyway) wasn't enough for their taste. I will NEVER deal with these unprofessional, money grubbing, idiots again.

    1 Service
    1 Cost
    5 Timing
    1 Use Again

1st Choice Money Center Ratings

3.5 Service
3.1 cost
3.9 timing
3.6 use again