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  • Worst experience ever


    I have used payday /installment loans before and never had a issue. I got a 300 dollar loan with this company . Before I signed my loan papers I made sure my payments were in my actual paydays.to make a long story shorter they 1) took out a double payment on my first due date . Then they took out another payment 3 days before my scheduled due date . This over draft my bank . I call and the guy whom u can barely understand was unapologetic and offer no money to help with fees I had at bank. I went in and payed off loan in full with receipt saying paid in full and my next payday my account was hit again with a payment! the nice lady with blonde hair was very apologetic and said she would get it reversed . U call and she said her regional manager would not authorize it until he had time to look at it. Two weeks later I got the payment back. I will never ever do business with them again . The only positive was the manager lady who seemed very caring. She seemed embarrass to work there. I call department of finance and they will look into it also they took a copy of my debit card which is weird to me. I will go to Money tree for next lian

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