Ace Cash Express Customer Review

  • Only used Ace Cash Express once


    I've only used Ace Cash Express once and it wasn't a bad experience....just wasn't the easiest thing in the world. They needed a number of different forms of information from me in order to complete my loan that I was trying to acquire. They needed a blank voided check from my bank, a recent bank statement,copy of my ID, the most recent paycheck stub, and a phone/ utility bill. This is a lot of information to fish up when I'm just trying to get a loan. I mean their website CLAIMS it only takes 20 minutes to get a loan, that may be true....IF you have all of this information handy with you on your desk when trying to get the loan. I was obviously not prepared. I got the money they promised me though. I'll be writing back about the interest fee's, and keep you all posted about how they are after a loan as well.

    3 Service
    3 Cost
    3 Timing
    3 Use Again

Ace Cash Express Ratings

2.8 Service
3.3 cost
3.2 timing
3.0 use again