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Ace Cash Express is one of the foremost companies in the world in providing customers with the opportunity to get around the major bank system. The company has been working for the last several years to establish a nationwide network of offices that can each do their part to service a constantly growing customer base. They offer a wide array of financial services to customers who have different needs than the traditional customer. Of those different services, they offer debit card services, cash advance services, bill pay, check cashing, and even some small personal loans for those who qualify. Each of these is an important part of the Ace Cash Express business and they are all very important to retaining customers.

The history of Ace Cash Express is not all that long, but it is dignified. The company was developed, for the most part, as an alternative financial option for customers who were either tired or jaded by traditional financial services. Simply put, a lot of these people were in need another option, so the founders of Ace Cash Express came through with a good solution to their needs. In the beginning, the company was designed mostly to handle check cashing services and cash advance services, but since then, they have evolved into a much more complete financial company. They have seen some massive growth since those early days and continue to grow today.

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The company is currently in 37 of the 50 United States and they are also in the District of Columbia. They operate a location in every region of the United States. The majority of these stores are owned by the company, but there are a few of them that are owned by individuals who have purchased franchises. That is one the many ways that this company is evolving and changing. Now, instead of only having stores that are owned by the corporate machine, they are also allowing people to buy franchises and run them on their own. Currently there are 1,718 stores in those 37 states, with only 149 of those stores being franchises. Still, this is one area of the business that is growing very quickly. Each and every month, more people sign up and want to get their name on the Ace Cash Express brand. The company anticipates growth into the remaining states in the near future. For more information on the franchising options offered by Ace Cash Express, you can check out their website at Their corporate office in Irving, Texas can also be reached by email at

The company's many services are the primary reason why they are one of the top financial entities in the United States. While many check cashing companies are only out to make a quick dollar, this is one company that is dedicated to providing their customers with a comprehensive offering of services: the first and foremost of those services is check cashing. They are interesting because they cash a number of different checks. While many companies are only cashing payroll checks and government-issued checks, Ace Cash Express will cash personal checks, as well. Insurance checks, cashiers checks, and money orders are also cashed at their locations. For all intents and purposes, you can cash just about anything at one of their locations, and you do not have to worry about any of the hassles that you might get at other companies. How are they able to do this? Over the course of time, they have come up with their own system to assess the risk of each check that they cash. This system verifies the checks in question and further, enables the company to make sure that it is protected against all sorts of fraud. Since they take such drastic measures to protect themselves from criminal financial activity, they can cash the checks that other companies might have to turn down. This is one of the very remarkable aspects of their service.

Another one of the services that Ace Cash Express offers is comprehensive tax refund check service. When customers get their hands on their tax refund, Ace Cash Express is a company that is ready and willing to provide those customers with whatever they need. In addition to being ready to cash those potentially large checks, Ace Cash Express will take it another step. For many customers, the problem with getting a large rebate check is that they have nothing to do with that cash once they get it. They are just stuck carrying around a huge amount of cash and that is never safe. Ace Cash Express will load that money onto a prepaid Visa debit card for its customers, free of charge. This means that customers can take their new money and spend it online or at any major store that accepts Visa. This is a valuable service that enables customers to protect themselves against theft.

That brings us to Ace Cash Express's nice debit card service for customers. If customers do not have a debit card, then they really have no way to do any shopping and they are always at risk carrying around large amounts of money. This is one company that wants to take away all of that risk. They invite customers to come into one of their locations and pick out the debit card that fits them the best. This means that they even get to pick out a nice design for their card. After that, the agents at any Ace Cash Express location will be happy to load money onto those cards for customers to use. These cards are a really good alternative for people who have bad credit problems. There is no credit check associated with any part of getting this card, and individuals who choose to get one of the cards will not be subject to any of the credit reporting that normally goes into getting a debit card. It is just a no strings attached offer for customers who want to get a Visa. This is one of their awesome options for customers to come back to.

Ace Cash Express is well known, as well, for their payday loan service. Depending upon what state the customer lives in, they can get between $100 and $1000 dollars from one of the locations. This service is not a true fix for people with financial problems, but it can be a nice way to bridge the gap between paychecks or if an emergency comes up. They want their customers to understand the risks associated with these loans, as well. That is why they are very quick to provide all of the information associated with payday loans before they give out any of these loans. This is something that most companies will not do, so customers win big time in this situation. Another nice thing about Ace Cash Express's payday loan service is that they require a lot of information from customers. They want to make sure that people have thought out the process before they apply for one of these quick-fix loans as a protection for both the company and the customer itself.

Along those same lines, Ace Cash Express also offers other services that are designed specifically for the purpose of helping customers stay financially responsible. They know it is very important it is for customers to get their bills paid on time and they understand that it can be very difficult to pay your bills if you do not have a credit card or a bank account. That is why they offer comprehensive bill payment to more than 100 different companies. Whether it is the phone bill of a customer or the power bill, there is a good chance that they can handle it. All the customer has to do is bring the money and Ace Cash Express will take care of getting the bill paid. Service like that is very hard to come by in most of the world.

One of the more interesting services that Ace Cash Express offers that many people would not expect them to offer is loan service. When most people think about check cashing companies and the like, they do not expect those companies to have the backing or the capability to offer small personal loans. This company is a little bit different, though. They do offer these loans, just like a bank would. That is one of the reasons why Ace Cash Express has gained respect and notoriety in the financial world. They go above and beyond to have quite a few different services for a customer to check out. In addition to offering some small personal loans to many customers, they are also very happy to offer home loans to their customers who happen to live in Texas and Colorado. Though the selection of states is very small right now, the company is hoping that they can offer home loans to customers in many other states in the coming months. The qualification process for a home loan through Ace Cash Express is similar to what you might see at other banks and lending entities. Customers have to go through the tedious paperwork of the approval process before they can get their hands on a mortgage from this lender. The interesting thing about this lender is that they happen to offer a nice website where a person can submit information to see if they are pre-approved. This can happen around the clock, so it will be very easy to get the ball rolling on a new home loan.

For those customers who do not have a need for a home loan, there are auto loans from Ace Cash Express, as well. This is one area where they have expanded their enterprise greatly in the last few years. Though they do not directly supply auto loans, they are interested in helping their customers find the loans that they need. They are willing to hook customers up with the auto loan providers that can most likely help them. This interesting service is easy to take advantage of by simply going to the website and entering a little bit of information.

As one can easily see, this is a company that really takes things seriously and goes the extra mile to make sure that the customer is happy. With most check cashing stores, customers will never receive anything close to this type of service. The company is interesting because they really supply everything that one could possibly think of. If customers need things like a money order, then they have them. If a customer needs their check cashed, then they have that, as well. If a customer happens to live in a lucky state, they can even be qualified for an important home loan. There are not too many other companies in the industry that can match their diversity of services. Interestingly enough, they are always looking to expand their list of services, too. That is one of the basic tenets of the company and it is something that has helped them grow over the past few years. For example, their new service allows customers to purchase and pay for prepaid phones. This is something huge for people who otherwise might not have been able to have a cell phone. It is easy to see where their focus lies and that focus has been put clearly on their many customers.

For the most part, Ace Cash Express can be described as a nice company that is continuing to grow into something a little bit bigger. They did not start off as a huge company, but quickly, they are getting there. As mentioned in this article, there are so many services that they are really a one-stop type of place for many people who just want an alternative to traditional financial services. For people who want to get their money quickly and not have to wait for all of the hassles of traditional finance, then this company is really a perfect option. That is why they have expanded to all over the country and they are showing no signs of slowing down.
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