Independent Web Site Review of offers much more than payday loans including: home loans, auto loans, tax rebate checks, check cashing, prepaid phones and debit cards, and much more. To see their service offerings, you need only put your mouse over the "store services" button at the top of the page and the menu will come down.

There are three easy steps offered to get the cash you need. First you fill out the application online, next (upon approval) a representative will call you, and third you can pick up at a convenient location or have the funds electronically wired into your account.

To start the application process, requires only first name, last name, phone and email. If you don't feel like applying online, there is a convenient toll free number on the top right-hand side of the website.

Before applying, I decided to see which store locations were in my state. I clicked on the "store locator" button and was given the option of either entering my zip code or choosing my state and then city from a drop down menu. It turns out that there were two locations equidistant from my apartment in Gainesville! Very convenient.

When I clicked to apply, I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of information that wanted from me- drivers license AND social security right on the first page! But then I saw at the bottom of the page that "is committed to helping our government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities." and realized the reason they need so much information.

As you fill out the application, you will notice that added a handy menu that has information you might want to know such as "REQUIREMENTS", "FAQs", "RATES", "PRIVACY POLICY", and "CONTACT US", to name a few. I thought it best for me to check out the requirements and the rates so I didn't waste my time. And a good thing I did! When I clicked on "REQUIREMENTS" an error button popped up- "please choose a State!" And so I clicked on State and found that Florida (my state) was not on the list. It turns out that if has a store location in your state, you can't do the online application.

Still curious about's rates, I picked a state from the list and just when I was about to click on the "RATES" button, their website directed me back to step one of the application process.

All in all they offer many services, but you'll probably end up doing most of your transaction while talking to a person on a toll free number or at one of the's locations.