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  • tricks you into getting a loan!!!


    A week ago, I tried to apply for a cash advance loan online at Once I was finished entering all of my information, including my checking account routing # & account # & clicked submit, it automatically linked me to another website called; this is the company I have a problem with. This company charges your checking or savings account a $19 application fee regardless if you qualify for the cash advance or not. I've had this happen to me before about 3 months ago when I was searching for a pay day loan & had to deal with this matter with my bank. This time though, I was not applying with them, nor do I ever intend on applying with them in the future, but last week, I THOUGHT I was applying with, which I believe is an affiliate of Obviously not knowing this, once I clicked submit & saw appear I immediately exited the screen & stopped the application. However on 8/13/08 I recieved an email from letting me know they recieved my application and included an attachment of my agreement with them for me to sign & send back. The email specifically states they will not continue processing my application until I sign these documents. I never signed the documents, mainly because I didn't apply with them on their website and I knew I didn't have $19 in my account for them to take. So I sent numerous emails & made numerous telephone calls trying to explain to them that I was NOT on their website, I filled out ALL of my information on website and was basically tricked into this aggreement with I told them I didn't have the funds in my account and furthermore I was going to contact a lawyer. I heard nothing else from them, until this morning when I went online to check my account & noticed they attempted to withdraw the $19 from my account. Once again I've sent emails & called numerous times, they have no customer service department, they only have an automated system that repeats their contract terms over and over and over again. I don't even think they have someone who actually reads the emails, I believe their is also an automated system that replys to each & every email the very same way (in which I've experienced). Bottom line: I did not apply with their company, I didn't not authorize them to withdraw monies from my bank account & now I have overdraft fees that I can't pay because I don't get paid until next friday. I am raising four children on my own who all go back to school tomorrow, which is the reason why I needed the payday loan, and now my account is in default & it is not my fault!!!

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