Advance America Customer Review

  • Advance America sucks


    I have no idea how this company isn't up in shambles with the customer service they have. Customer service is a big deal to the success of a company, and I don't understand how people can continue to go to Advance America if it has such awful customer service. I know I will never use them again when I need another payday loan. I was sitting at a desk for 2 hours trying to prove to the idiot that I was talking to that my income would be sufficient for a small payday loan. Now I don't know if he was new or not, and if he just didn't know the ropes, if you are new, thats fine. Get someone who can actually help me and dont just sit there with your finger in your nose. I will never use Advance America again. It took me took much BS to get a small loan.

    1 Service
    2 Cost
    2 Timing
    1 Use Again

Advance America Ratings

3.2 Service
3.1 cost
3.0 timing
3.1 use again