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  • A guy wanting to BUY and you try to rob me...

    Everett WA

    I went in on a friday looking for a I-Mac for school. find #2 one older and one newer it had some screan damage but has most of what I will need. "Comes" with POS key board not the good one Mac sold with it mind you. They are asking $1299.00 27' 3 year old I-Mac with damaged srean. The sale guy friday nice kid knows his stuff gets the price down to $1150 I say Ill think on it. I come in monday and offer the $1000 cash was told "NO" that I-Mac is $1299.00 we can take the tax off thats all..WAIT WTF is this ...I was told "offer we made you was only goood for that day" bit me you have lost out I will tell everyone I know how you guys tryed to F*^% me over my I come in all the time buy stuff here and there and not just in Everett Done. you came in and had a take over I get that but your Talking head in the back room is a dick...

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