Dollar Financial Group

Dollar Financial Group's parent company is Dollar Financial Corp. They offer financial products and services to under banked consumers. These include check cashing, single-payment consumer loans, longer term loans, money order services, and money transfers. Other services available from Dollar Financial Group are Western Union money orders, electronic tax filing, bill payments, foreign currency exchange and photo ID. The variety of services meets the needs of many different customers. You can even get a Visa brand debit card that is reloadable and gift cards. They also prepare legal documents.

There are 1,442 Dollar Financial Group locations operating under different names. These include Money Mart, Money Shop, Money Corner, Loan Mart, Payday Loans, Insta-Cheques, Check Casher, The Check Cashing Store, Cash Advance and Cash Advance USA. There are 1,088 of these stores that are owned by this company. They're the only large store network in Canada and the United Kingdom. They're the second largest network of this type of company in the United States. This company has many franchised locations across Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. All these branches make it convenient for customers who want their services. This company stays open 24 hours a day and seven days a week in some areas.

Dollar Financial Group Ratings

3.7 Service
2.8 cost
3.6 timing
3.1 use again
The companies in the United States go by the name Money Mart, Loan Mart and Money corner. There are 93 stores that are operated by franchises and called We the People. The store that offers the full range of products and services is the Money Mart. Their services comprise of Cash Till PayDay loans or short consumer loans, check cashing, Western Union money orders and transfers, tax preparation services and foreign currency or exchange. You can even get a VIP club card. Canada has 480 financial services stores in total. There are 61 stores that are operated by franchisees.

In the United Kingdom there are 411 stores that are under the name of Money Shop. They have 176 stores operated under franchises. The Money Shop has some of the same services as the Money Mart except they also have cash lent on gold or jewelry, a premium card and insurance service. There is one Money Shop store in Ireland as well.

Customer transactions are taken care of quickly by this company. Their information technology allows them to tract customer's histories and control costs. The company's stores and support centers provide high quality customer service. One way the company minimizes losses is by managing customer risk profiles and collection efforts. In the customer files they keep customer photographs, addresses, employment information and the history of previous transactions. This increases their income from check cashing and consumer lending.

The check cashing services are great for people who need the cash immediately. All kinds of checks can be cashed at the check cashing locations of Dollar Financial Group. It usually doesn't matter how much the check is for. Customers are attracted to this company to cash their cash because of the many location and extended hours. Some types of checks that can be cashed are payroll checks, government checks and personal checks. The company always verifies the customer's identification and makes sure the check is valid before they cash it. A small percentage of the face value of the check will be charged. This check cashing service is beneficial for people that do not have a bank deposit account.

Many companies in the United States offer single, payment consumer loans. Company-funded custom cash domestic loans are now offered in New Mexico. Also available are Internet single-payment term loans for California and Arizona residents. In some of the United States and Canadian markets and in the United Kingdom there are long term installment loans offered. It's necessary to have a bank account and provable employment in order to qualify for a loan. Loans are only for the amount of $500.00 and must be paid back in 14 to 28 days.

A small fee is charged for money orders. The company has a deal or agreement with Western Union so customers can transfer their money to any place that has Western Union money transfer services. Dollar Financial Group has more then 20 years experience helping people with fiance problems. If you want more information you can visit their website at They have e-mail addresses for all their corporate operations on their website.