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  • Prepay Mastercard ripoff


    At 8:24 this evening I went to the money mart that I have dealt with off and on for at least 10-12 years. I had decided a few months ago to try thier pre-paid mastercard setup so I could make purchases on the internet. They were very good until today. I went in and put 3 $100 dollar bills under the glass plus a toonie to cover the loading fee. I received my card and receipt back from the girl(one I had never seen before) and put my receipt in my coat pocket. I went home and went online to make certain planned purchases(hence the exact amount of $300 on the card) When I tried to make the purchase I was flabbergasted to find it declined. Of course I am really mad at the site I tried to make the purchase at and immediately start writing a nasty email to them about this. My girlfriend said maybe first I should check my card online and that is when I discovered I was ripped off for a $100 by the clerk. I immediately phoned the Corona Money mart here in Edmonton Alberta Canada (just to let others know which store I am talking about) and the fellow who answered the phone listened to me (I was rather upset but no profanity however I did say I wanted to call the police which may have been a mistake on my part) because he immediately and very rudely said"Can you prove it"? He then said come down here and prove it and then you can phone the police. His arrogant screw you attitude said it all. I could suck it up as far as he was concerned. He then told me that "it just happened now while I was on the phone" that the clerk had just cashed out and balanced perfectly(convenient or what????). So guess what?? If you deal with Money mart apparently you are the jerk and even more so the fool and deserve to get screwed over for being stupid enough to deal with them. That is the feeling I got from whoever the nameless ass is that was on the phone there and hopefully others will not use this particular store as apparently it is okay to be a dishonest money sucking employee at that particular location. I know for a fact that this location has a lot of poor people who have to use it and I have to wonder how many of the disadvantaged people who cash thier welfare cheques there get ripped off by the employees. I would think having a decent paying job and the money they take from people legally?? would be enough to make them lose sleep as it is.

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