Money Mart Customer Review

  • Theives!!!


    Money Mart is the biggest scam artists out there. They gouge people with their interest rates and 3rd party cashing check fees. They lure the poor and the uninformed people with payday loans and then trap them into borrowing more and more every pay check. They should not be allowed to stay in business. The government needs to step in and regulate these types of money lending places. Be warned...if ever your payday loan cheque bounces...they will send a collection memo to your bank account and when ever you have enough money in it several months later, they will try to debit it again even without any permission. They will call your house and leave rude messages on your answering machines. I would caution anyone to use the services of Money Mart. Go at your own risk. If you need to borrow money, ask a family member or a friend but do not resort to Money Mart. They will skin you alive.

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Money Mart Ratings

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