Oregon Payday Loan

Oregon payday loans are regulated by the Division of Financial Regulation. The state of Oregon has tight legal limits on payday loans and cash advances:

- Loan Origination Fees are capped at 10 percent up to a maximum of $30
- Loan Interest Rates are limited to annual rate of 36%
- The maximum APR (interest and fees) you can be charged for a payday loan in Oregon is 153.77%
- A maximum of two renewals, or roll overs, are allowed on an existing loan. After rolling over the loan twice you must pay off the loan and interest in full

If you live in Oregon and have questions about your lender or a loan you have been offered please contact the Division of Financial Regulation. You have a right to file a complaint about a lender or loan collector if you have been treated unfairly. You can also review their list of lenders licensed to do business in the state of Oregon. Payday loans are loans of last resort. Carefully review our Advice for Consumers before accepting a loan offer.

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