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  • Applied and only received lies and run arounds. Investigation initiated.

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    Never had a chance to become one

    I use my fax machine on a daily basis for business and I know how to use it well. This company lied to me and possibly other customers. In my case they claimed that they did not receive my faxed in paperwork (even though I have confirmation that they did on more than one occasion). If that is the case, why don't they call the customer and why don't they e-mail? After all, they sent me e-mail and I responded. They do not respond to your e-mails;even when you e-mail them.They make it appear if the customer did not follow through. Be aware and read my info carefully.

    I applied for a payday loan on 8/25/08 and was approved( I have the contract). I even received paper work stating the funds would be deposited on 8/26/08. I received e-mail stating some more documents needed to be faxed and so I did along with e-mail and I received confirmation from my fax machine that they received it, however I never received the funds. I called 8/26/08 only to be told that the fax was not received. I sent the docs again thinking they may have misplaced them. When I checked my account, the money was not there. I called again 8/27/08 (the day I really needed the funds). Once again I was told they did not receive the faxed paper work. However, once again I have a fax print out that they did. I checked my account on 8/28/08 only to find out that no money was deposited into my account. I called the company again 866-756-0600. I was told the same lame story which was nothing but a lie. I asked for the man's name because they never announce their name and he claimed it was "Wall." I somehow do not believe this. When I asked for the managers name he said Mike. When I asked for Mike's last name I was told it could not be issued. I have notified my bank along with other agencies. I want this company investigated. I believe they are a fraud and are involved in unfair and deceptive business practices. I hope I can prevent other's from a migraine. Look for another company that can offer better services.

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