Speedy Cash Customer Review

  • Awful place

    Chattanooga tn

    I stopped by speedy cash because I needed to quickly cash my pay check from a local staffing agency. Hence the name speedy cash I thought it would be a simple fast process that would require only my drivers license. I was asked to fill out a application because I had never used them before annoyed I did were I was asked ridiculous questions such as how much do I pay for my home, references, ect. Questions I have never had to awnser to cash a check. He also couldnt tell me the charge for cashing the check until after he completed the process. After filling out the ridiculous application I stood at the window for half an hour with my children the guy behind the glass kept having to get someone else because he clearly didn't know what he was doing. I ask how much longer and he said could be 5 mins could be another 30 that they had to get ahold of the corporate office that wrote the check. I told him to just give me back my check and I wen to Walmart money center and paid a 3 dollar fee and had my money in two minutes. With the way speedy cash handled the situation you would think I was trying to cash a millon dollar check! The check was only for 174 dollars. I will never use them for anything!

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Speedy Cash Ratings

2.9 Service
2.6 cost
2.9 timing
2.7 use again