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    Chicago, IL
    May 2015

    This is the worst loan place to receive a loan from. They built one in my location and I've decided to give it a try. I had a $350 loan out with this company and their interest rates are RIDICULOUS. I took the loan out in May of 2015 and won't be done until 2017. WTF?! So I've contacted my local store (Which I love the workers) and I always make a payment over the phone instead of in stores and she actually insisted creating an online account to make payments. Genius right? WRONG! I've created an account and I can't see any existing loans and I've contacted the 888 number twice. Every time I try to explain my situation they suggest that I pay over the phone, if I wanted to pay over the phone I would have. One lady has even inserted the wrong email address on my account and they won't change it. I'm completely done with this company. I'm paying my loan off in full and I'm not ever going back. The whole company seems like it was just put together with no effort. Worst loan company ever.

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2.6 cost
2.9 timing
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