Speedy Cash Customer Review

  • Lazy Workers

    Houston,tx 290 and tidwell

    I only use speedy cash to cash checks,and let me say that the speedy cash that is on tidwell, and 290 has the worst customer service. The line to wait is ridiculous, and the employes are lazy and slow. There are at least 2 employes doing nothing but eating and talking to the employes that are working (which slows them down even more). I wait in line for about an hour and a half, and when i finally get to the window to cash my check, the employe tells me to hold on and disappears for 5 minutes! And when she does return, she claims that she cant cash my check without her manager there! The employes there suck, and I will never return there again, until they get some better employes! I'm giving them a 1, but really they deserve a zero.

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Speedy Cash Ratings

2.9 Service
2.6 cost
2.9 timing
2.7 use again