Speedy Cash Customer Review

  • TOTAL RIP OFF!!!!!

    South Austin

    I took out a loan from them. I was unable to make two payments because I lost my job. I finally paid the equivalent of two interest payments today. When I made the payment the website said that I was caught up and that the next payment would be due on the 20th of Feb. I was relieved and went about my day. Later I check my email and there was an email stating that my loan had been paid in full! They took the full amount out of MY ACCOUNT without any warning! That money is needed to pay my utilities. I called and they said that since I was behind I had accrued surcharges and the amount I had paid only covered those, not the interest, so they took the full amount out. They refused to give me my money back. I told them that they said I didn't have to pay again until the 20th. The girl just said I was behind and had no rights. It's in the contract, according to her.

    They charge WAY too much interest and treat you like you're a criminal if you fall behind. I hate all payday loan companies.

    They said that their customer relations department would call me on Monday. They'll just tell me the same spiel and not help me, I'm sure.

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