SuperPawn Customer Review

  • Best place to find things you want or need/even money

    Donny Mote
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    SuperPawn is a very fair and easy way to borrow money, or to buy things. I love
    to use their lay-away. They set up easy payments and give me a great deal on
    things I buy from them. SuperPawn does not want to keep your stuff, and they
    will bend very far if you are behind on a payment. I have had my stuff retreived when
    it had gone past the due date. Most Pawn places will not give you that opportunity.
    I know, because before going to SuperPawn, I went to another Pawn Shop, and was
    only two days past my due date on the loan of my 1983 strat guitar. Went to get it
    and it was gone, they couldn't wait to get that guitar, because it was very valuable.
    SuperPawn will send you a letter when you are pass due, and give you extra time
    to catch up on your loan. Even when they do that, they will still give you even more
    time, if you still need if, for a small fee. No other pawn shops will do that. I have bought some nice jewelry for a great price, and pd only 10% down at SuperPawn.
    The guys over at SuperPawn at Lake Mead and Jones in Las Vegas, or the best!
    They know us well and always give us a great deal on things we buy. I have bought
    numerous jewelry, cameras and musical equipment from them, at this location, and
    there is a 10 day trail period on all products that I buy. Recent buys: Olympus
    digital 7.2 camera $ 115.00 Fender practice amp $ 20.00 Mans diamond ring,
    7.7 grams of white gold, with 5 six point diamonds $ 400.00
    Great people, great buys at SuperPawn, Las Vegas, Nevada!!

    5 Service
    5 Cost
    5 Timing
    5 Use Again

SuperPawn Ratings

3.1 Service
3.2 cost
3.2 timing
3.4 use again