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    well if you can't keep your payments and you signed a contract, that isn't their's yours. Like your electric don't pay, it gets cut. Stop whining and keep your bills in order. I don't understand people that whine about a place they themselves walked into, was given an estimate and you as a customer have a choice to take it or leave it but you take it and then cry about it later. If you don't like the business...stop going there and look elsewhere. Every other pawn shop gives you 30-60 days....while Superpawn gives you 120 days plus an extra 30 to hold your items for you to get back. If you don't understand their contract then stop going there and whining about it later. I at first didn't understand the contract then a nice girl that worked there explained how the contract works. Please grow up and realize, they don't force you to pawn your's your choice...and if it didn't work for you, then you need to organize your life.

    5 Service
    5 Cost
    5 Timing
    5 Use Again

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3.1 Service
3.2 cost
3.2 timing
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