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    Memphis tn

    The level professionalism at the location in memphis, tn on stage Rd is sad. The customer service Sandy was extremely rude to me where i called an issued a complaint to the office Manger. After speaking with the office manager she apologized and advised she would follow up with the employee on the complaint to make sure it didn't happen again. Ever since this incident, Sandy has been nothing but what I call nice nasty. When I walk in she doesn't acknowledge by saying hi welcome to easy money or that I will be right with u shortly. She provides the worst customer service level. It's sad that she can't take accountable to own up for her error and how she handles things when speaking with me, and grow from it. Instead to result to negative behavior that results in poor customer service is sad, and awful. As soon as I pay this loan out, I can promise u I will never use this service again and certainly never recommend this place to any one.

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2.3 Service
2.7 cost
3.0 timing
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