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    175% Interest that you don't find out about until after you agree to loan terms. Set up to where you end up paying $5000 for an $800 loan. They make it super easy and get the money to you fast but then you get the "real information" on the mistake you just made. I tried so hard to pay back, $250 out of every paycheck for months. Not only was the loan paid off twice, but I had to close my bank account, so that they would stop screwing me. I paid off $1200+ on the $800 loan w/in 4 months and the plan was for 2 more years at this rate (for an $800 loan! The only way to stop it was to pay the entire thing at once. Otherwise you had to pay the minimum forever at a very high interest rate (175%) I almost lost my car trying to get right with them. SCAM Artists, they should be sued! No information disclosed about interest rate which they locked you into with Con artist maneuvers. DO NOT DO IT!!

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