Independent Web Site Review of has a 96% customer satisfaction rating for its payday loan services. Right from the beginning in this easy-to-use website, paydayok offers a calculator to figure out loan costs, an explanation of "How It Works", "Low-Cost Guarantee" and a "Refer-a-Friend Bonus" offer.

The Refer-a-Friend option will get you $10 for every friend you refer. (Once you become a customer you will be sent a link via email, if your friend signs up via that link, you will get $10. Every additional friend gets you another $10.)

When I tried to use's calculator, however, I was unsuccessful. You must first choose a State, and although I tried on several occassions, nothing dropped down from that drop-down menu. The guarantee was to be the same cost or lower than any other payday loan service. That means it should be about $15 per every $100 that you borrow. Still high, but as always these payday loans should be considered a short-term solution and not a long-term financial plan.

When I clicked onto the "Apply Now" button I was given an opportunity to input my email (twice) and my State (Florida). After about a minute, I was greeted by the message, "Customers in Florida are now serviced by our affiliate, ThinkCash." There was no list provided, so I don't know which states actually serves.

While the site is user friendly and easy to navigate, I couldn't find any conclusive evidence about its rates, nor could I get to an application. For questions, they do have a toll-free number where one can ask for more information.